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Building green and energy efficient houses is easy with expertts

Own production of straw panels: tradition and modern technology

We are a full cycle company

Design Bio Positive House

You can choose one of our ready-made projects, find out how much the maintenance of this house will cost you and see the prices and configuration options. Or, we can develop for you your unique project, calculate its energy efficiency, choose finishing materials for eco-interior and of course tell you its cost.

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Produce components

According to the project, we produce wall panels and other structures in our own production using a unique technology. Our products are certified and meet high quality requirements.

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Build Bio Positive House

In the short term, we turn our drawings and structures into an environmentally friendly, energy efficient house with unique characteristics. We conduct research and issue energy passport of your home.

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What is Bio Positive House?

Bio Positive House from LHB is a complex of well-developed solutions for the construction of houses with unique characteristics.


Bearing structures - SWP panels have received fire resistance classification REI 60


All materials used are 100% environmentally friendly - wood, clay, straw


Metal mesh is installed as an additional protection around the perimeter of the first floor of the house


The energy consumption of eco-houses does not exceed 15 kWh/m2 per year, which is 7 times less than that of housing with the usual materials


In the construction of the walls we use ultra strong double timber frames capable of withstanding loads of up to 24 tons


Laboratory studies have shown that the LHB eco-house will survive an earthquake of up to 9 on the Richter scale


Sound insulation up to 56 dB. The straw in the panels perfectly absorbs sound and ensures silence in the house, regardless of the noise level outside


You don’t need gas in your new home, you can also refuse from the central hot water supply and electricity using our innovative technologies.

Standart projects of BPH houses

Choose your future home from the projects that have been worked out in detail by our team following all the rules of energy-efficient construction. For 10 years we have tested a huge number of options for houses and created a set of projects in which we really paid attention to details: efficiency, convenience, appearance and rationality of the budget.

Order development of an individual project of biopositive house BPH

Our team has architects and designers who create house designs, taking into account the wishes of the client.
Together with the project you will receive a calculation of energy efficiency of the home, recommendations on equipment and of course a detailed estimate for construction.

Order a project


We have created a highly efficient, affordable and natural building material, which has ease of installation and high durability.

Using self-supporting straw-insulated wall panels is a quick and inexpensive method for building energy-efficient homes.

The high degree of prefabrication of the panels allows you to make the assembly process as simple and fast as possible. All work on the production is carried out in ideal climatic conditions, which ensures a stable quality and speed of production of each straw panel.

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Prices for the construction of straw bale house

Choose the appropriate option to complete the biopositive house.
Order a consultation regarding the house kit and get a bonus from us for your future eco house.

house kit:
from $110 for m2

Kit for self-assembly:
● LHB straw panels
● Full working draft for assembly
● Beams for the assembly of rafters, slabs and strapping belts
● Packed clay plaster
● Vapor barrier
● Set of fasteners for the assembly of the structure


house before finishing:
from $500 for m2

House kit + full working draft
Monolithic foundation
Decorative facade
Windows and doors
Roof and drainpipe
Basic wiring
Plumbing and sewage
Full working draft


House "turnkey"
from 800 for m2

Ready to live house
● Full energy efficiency calculation
● Heating, ventilation and regeneration system
● Climate control
● And design is a project


Our achievements


Designed houses


BPH houses built

10 years

Experience in energy efficient construction

Our team

Artem Ryzhkov

Director of company.
Responsible for technology development and production process.

Sergiy Polischuk

Commercial Director.
Responsible for working with customers, dealers, sales and external relations.

Alexey Brusnitsyn

Responsible for the implementation of projects. Supervises construction teams.

Alexander Puzyrny

Head of the construction department.
Expert in energy efficient design.

How we build houses BPH

Clarity of Construction processes

A complete working draft, detailed estimate, calendar plan and control of each stage of construction work is a guarantee of a high-quality result and your excellent mood.

We set up the webcam on the construction site so that we can observe how your home is being created.

Only Proven Мaterials

The range of solutions for our projects is quite wide. Condition is the only one: the material must be environmentally friendly and of high quality and reliability.

Here you can learn more about the materials and technologies that we use in our homes.

High Quality Guarantee

Built house must pass the certification and energy audit procedure.

At the end of the work, you will receive in your hands, photographs of the process, complete documentation, quality certificate and warranty card.